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NP_Cache - static pages for Nucleus CMS

Webdesign, CMS 30.05.2004

NP_Cache is a new plugin for Nucleus CMS, compatible with version Nucleus 2.0 and above, including its standard, eXtreme Edition, and Light Edition distributions. It creates static pages real-time, automatically, refreshes them as needed. It also calculates some statistics as well. It is based on Cache_Lite PHP class.

Without this plugin, it takes about 0.2 seconds to create a homepage of this blog. With this plugin installed, it takes only 0.0007 seconds! Quite a difference ;)

NP_Cache will cache following Nucleus pages and keep them updated as needed:

  • index page.
  • item pages.
  • archivelist pages.
  • archive pages.
  • member pages.

NP_ExtraSkin - even better than sliced bread

Webdesign, CMS 19.05.2004

With NP_Table and NP_ExtraSkin plugins, you now have an extremely easy way to include extra pages (like favourite links, contact info, personal pages, projects, etc.), to Nucleus CMS.

You can also edit all this information through user-friendly interface in Nucleus CMS Admin Area. So, no more using <%phpinclude%>, no more using external files, and FTP file transfers! With this extension, Nucleus becomes a true CMS!

And not only that! NP_ExtraSkin supports also "FancyURLs", user defined, they are in a form of http://your.domain/extra/my-fancy-url-title. E.g. http://your.domain/extra/contact! Each ExtraSkin can have FancyURL defined. If it does not, you can still call it as a skinVar, from your current skins, or even templateVar by using syntax <%ExtraSkin(skinname)%>.

And, last, but not least, NP_ExtraSkin enables you to include calls to plugins and skinVars in your template. So, you can use. e.g., NP_Table plugin to maintain a list of links, and NP_ExtraSkin plugin to display it on your webpage, by specifying <%Table(links)%> in ExtraSkin's skin :)

No more you have to create files like header.inc and footer.inc. You will create ExtraSkins, called header and footer, and place <%ExtraSkin(header)%> and <%ExtraSkin(footer)%> at start / beginnig of each skin. And Admins will be able to edit this in Nucleus CMS Admin Area.

Possibilities are limitless...

Download at: https://myego.cz/other/NP_ExtraSkin.zip (18kB).

NP_Table - tool for automatic creation of tables and lists

Webdesign, CMS 18.05.2004

NP_Table is a new plugin for Nucleus CMS. And I believe, and immensely useful one! It allows to create, in a very user-friendly way, a table, assign a name and description to this table, add, edit and delete items, and, also, create templates (header, footer, odd item, even item), that will display this table in your skin (skinVar) or even in your article (by subscribing to PreItem event)!

Of course, you can create as much tables as you like! And, because of templating system for each "table", they do not have to look like <table>s, but, e.g., like lists ( <ul>, .. <li> ), or separated by <br />.

How it can be used? Imagine, e.g., that you wrote 10 articles about Nucleus. Now, you would like, for each article, to include an updated list of links to few sites that inspired you. Support forums, and such. With NP_Table, you will create a new "table", called, e.g., nucleuslinks. You will, in Nucleus admin interface, add items to this table. And change them, any time. And by calling % ++Table(nucleuslinks)++ % (no spaces inside) in your articles body, NP_Table will automatically display this table, or list, or whatever (as each "table" has its own template) in all your articles.

You can also create a list of your favourite links, bookmarks (and maintain this in a very user-friendly way from admin interface) and display it on you homepage, by using a skinVar called <%Table(nucleuslinks)%>.

Possibilities for usage are unlimited… Phone numbers, email lists, come to mind…

Export your article to Adobe Acrobat PDF (via PHP script)!

Webdesign, CMS 30.04.2004

I’ve created a new plugin which allows a current article to be automatically exported into Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. This plugin is based on FPDF PHP class, from www.fpdf.org.

Main Features

The plugin can do the following:

  • display bold, italics, underline text.
  • display red and blue text.
  • understands and converts NP_FancyText plugin pseudo-text.
  • removes tags specific to NP_Poll plugin.
  • displays h1, h2, h3, h4 tags with appropriate font sizes and colors.
  • displays lists <li> with a proper list-style.
  • displays XHTML links as Adobe Acrobat links.
  • can embed pictures / images and/or link them!
  • displayes blockquote tags.
  • displayes <pre> and <code> tags with Courier font.
  • displays other text with Times New Roman font.
  • allows not to embed fonts into a PDF file, thus making them efficient, and very small.
  • displays ™, € and © characters.
  • supports iconv character conversions, if necessary.
  • creates a filename like this-is-a-title.pdf.
  • features automatic temporary files deletion after 60 minutes.
  • displays article name and URI in page header.
  • displays page number, and total number of pages in page footer.
  • creates a :banner: page with article name, article URI (hotlink), author name, creation date, and site URI.
  • allows to specify directory for creating temporary files (by default MEDIA_DIR/rsscache/). You have to issue chmod 777 command to this directory.