NP_ExtraSkin - even better than sliced bread

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NP_ExtraSkin - even better than sliced bread

With NP_Table and NP_ExtraSkin plugins, you now have an extremely easy way to include extra pages (like favourite links, contact info, personal pages, projects, etc.), to Nucleus CMS.

You can also edit all this information through user-friendly interface in Nucleus CMS Admin Area. So, no more using <%phpinclude%>, no more using external files, and FTP file transfers! With this extension, Nucleus becomes a true CMS!

And not only that! NP_ExtraSkin supports also "FancyURLs", user defined, they are in a form of http://your.domain/extra/my-fancy-url-title. E.g. http://your.domain/extra/contact! Each ExtraSkin can have FancyURL defined. If it does not, you can still call it as a skinVar, from your current skins, or even templateVar by using syntax <%ExtraSkin(skinname)%>.

And, last, but not least, NP_ExtraSkin enables you to include calls to plugins and skinVars in your template. So, you can use. e.g., NP_Table plugin to maintain a list of links, and NP_ExtraSkin plugin to display it on your webpage, by specifying <%Table(links)%> in ExtraSkin's skin :)

No more you have to create files like and You will create ExtraSkins, called header and footer, and place <%ExtraSkin(header)%> and <%ExtraSkin(footer)%> at start / beginnig of each skin. And Admins will be able to edit this in Nucleus CMS Admin Area.

Possibilities are limitless...

Download at: (18kB).


  1. 1 Jeff 19.05.04, 19:30:27

    Very nice... thanks! I was just going to try doing something like this myself, and it was a bit daunting. You saved me lots of time. :)

  2. 2 Radek Hulán 19.05.04, 20:12:52

    support forum thread:

  3. 3 WebMember 28.05.04, 06:38:17

    AWESOME plugin!

    Is there a way to backup extraskins like the export feature with the regular skins? I need to be able to backup all of my extra skins and your help would be GREATLY appreciated! :o)


  4. 4 Radek Hulán 28.05.04, 13:21:00

    [3] There is an automatic backup of NP_ExtraSkins and NP_Table tables with the whole blog backup; when you do a restore, also these data are restored again :idea:

  5. 5 WebMember 29.05.04, 08:48:17

    Are you positively sure that it will backup all of my skin data and the plugin? Have you tested this out...I just want to make sure because I will be relying heavily upon Extra Skins for my website and I want to be able to restore it if I lose all of that Extra Skin code. ;)

  6. 6 Radek Hulán 29.05.04, 11:54:03

    [5] yes, I am sure :)

  7. 7 yak sox 08.06.04, 07:10:30

    Hi Radek,
    I installed these two plugins without trouble, but then added NP_FancierURL and I'm not sure what to do with this bit in the .htaccess file:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^archive-([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)-([0-9]+).html+ index.php?archive=$2-$3&blogid=$1
    RewriteRule ^item-([0-9]+).html+ index.php?itemid=$1
    RewriteRule ^archivelist-([a-z]+).html+ index.php?archivelist=$1
    RewriteRule ^item/([0-9]+).* index.php?itemid=$1
    RewriteRule ^catid/([0-9]+).* index.php?catid=$1
    RewriteRule ^blog/([0-9]+).* index.php?blogid=$1

    What am I supposed to change to make File and Archive work okay?

    Did you write the FancierURL plugin?

  8. 8 Radek Hulán 08.06.04, 12:55:05

    [7] you can safely delete mod_rewrite rules and use only FilesMatch rules.

  9. 9 Ivan 09.06.04, 23:39:42

    How come I get error when I try to install the plugin?
    It says Fatal error: Call to undefined function: sql_table() in /home/mofoz/public_html/x/ver2/nucleus/plugins/NP_ExtraSkin.php on line 37. How to rectify this?

  10. 10 Radek Hulán 10.06.04, 03:05:30

    [9] sql_table() is a function introduced in Nucleus 2.5beta. Now we have 3.0 (XE) final. You shall upgrade your system...

  11. 11 Ivan 10.06.04, 07:55:34

    oh.. okay. thanks so much for the help!

  12. 12 BJ 17.02.05, 20:12:24


    I am trying to get extraskin working on IIS, PHP4.3.7, MySQL 4.0.13 it installs fine, but when when I try "create a new skin!" from the admin window, I get page can not be displayed.

    Ideas? Thanks